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A Leading Refrigerated Truck Rental Company, by all means, to serve Dubai’s Cold Chain Transport Needs.

Cool Freights Transport L.L.C manages a fleet of modern & latest technology cold chain vehicles. Moreover, we provide refrigerated truck rental and chiller van rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. On top of that, our company holds a commercial license. Granted by the Government of Dubai. We work hard to meet all health and safety standards. Renting out chiller trucks and chiller vans for more than 10 years now. Cool Freights is an established name you can trust. We boast a successful track record and 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Additionally, we take good care of your perishable goods. Thanks to our reliable and modern chiller trucks and chiller vans. On top of that, a quality check is regularly done for all vehicles. Both before and after they are hired for a transport service.

Are You Looking to Hire Budget Refrigerated Vans & Trucks ?

We are a Leading Refrigerated Transport Company in Dubai.

Cool Freights L.L.C is a budget refrigerated transport solution providers in Dubai. We are trusted partners of many large and small organizations, helping them transport food on time and complete preservation. Moreover, we have served Dubai for more than 10 Years and will continue to serve with more zeal and dedication. Above all, we are affordable and quality conscious having a fleet of more than 50 vehicles. Owing to high demand, we are ever ready for any booking or short notice deliveries.

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Our focus on customer satisfaction makes us different.

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any type of query you have, whether its daytime or late night. We understand and respect deadlines, and our goal is always to meet the deadlines at every cost.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cool Freights is a leading solution provider for refrigerated transportation in Dubai. As a matter of fact, chief retail and food chain companies rely on us. Making possible fast & reliable refrigerated transportation solution.

Quality Control

We take no shortcuts on safety measures. Moreover, we make sure the cooling system is in perfect working conditions. Similarly, the cooling compartment of vehicles is kept clean & hygienic. Hence, we make sure of perfect conditions for the food items.

Frozen, chilled, ambient and multi-temperature

We cater for chiller transport and refrigerated transport services all over Dubai. Hence, our vehicles are capable of maintaining a frozen, chilled, ambient and multi-temperature environment to keep perishable goods safe & fresh.

Available 24/7, All over Dubai

At Cool Freights, we have always room for renting out a chiller truck or van. Short notice or booking we do it all. Hence, one or more, same day or next, short-term or long-term we are always keen to help.
chiller truck for hire dubai freezer van rental dubai

Budget Chiller Vans Dubai – Available 24/7

Our plans are flexible for long-term vehicle rentals. Not only that, our latest model and state-of-the-art chiller vans and freezer vans are available for same day or next day shipment. On top of that, all our refrigerated vans are brand new and ready to go the extra mile. We mostly use Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi vans for refrigerated transport services.

chiller truck for hire dubai refrigerated truck rental dubai

Refrigerated Truck Rental Dubai – 24/7

Cool Freights Transport L.L.C provide professional services for hiring Refrigerated vehicles. Including Truck, Chiller truck, Freezer Truck, Reefers and food delivery truck. Moreover, we have 3.5 tons, 4.5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons and trailer. Available for hire on immediate or next day. Committed to providing market-leading refrigerated transport services. We are proud to support and serve many multinational companies. Catering for their regular refrigerated truck rental needs.

Why choose Cool Freights Transport L.L.C?

refrigerated vehicles for rent dubai chiller truckCool Freights is an established name in Dubai’s Cold Chain Transportation System. As a matter of fact, we are one of the few approved and licensed companies in Dubai. Hence, dedicated to transport food products across the city.

Our Trucks & Vans have a variety of cooling capacities. From +5° C down to subzero of -25° C.  Moreover, our refrigerated truck rental payload capacity 3, 7,10 ton and above. On the other hand, our chiller vans offer payload up to 1 ton.

Refrigerated Truck Rental & Van Rental

We are strategically positioned in Dubai to leverage your sales. Not only that, we are 24/7 ready to fulfil your quick deliveries. Additionally, we have multidrop facilities available.

  • A fleet of 50+ vehicles
  • Foodservice multidrop
  • Emergency deliveries
  • Specialized meat deliveries
  • Pharmaceutical deliveries
  • Chilled or Frozen Pallet deliveries
  • Dedicated point to point deliveries

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