Dubai Municipality Makes “Know What You Eat” Easier than before.

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 A Hands-on Account from Your Favourite Chiller Van Rental Dubai Company. Because We Care.

Dubai Municipality has made technology accessible for the food outlets and consumers to track food freshens and nutrition from shipping to serve. In their constant struggle towards food safety, transparency and to reduce food poisoning incidents. Dubai Municipality introduced the food watch app November last year, during the DIFSC(Dubai International Food Safety Conference). Cool Freights LLC, a leader in Chiller van rental Dubai and UAE wide covers the story here.

According to a report, there have been 800 cases of food poisoning in Dubai last year. These not only include restaurants and food outlets but the chain of school cafeterias as well. Dubai Municipality believes this will help not only tracking the food safety throughout the food chain i.e. from sea freight to chiller van rental Dubai companies to restaurants and cafeterias to the point its served to the customer.

The technology behind this innovation is the Internet of Things referred mainly as IoT. Its a bigger goal to achieves as mentioned by Dr Darin Detwiller in his tweet “Transparency + big data + predictive analysis + A.I. + a workforce with a mission of food safety = a look at the future of safe food” at the DIFSC2017.