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Hire Chiller Truck For Rent in Dubai

Cool Freights Transport is a leading quality refrigerated Transportation company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and giving chiller truck rental for frozen or other delivery.  The perishable variety of things requires special treatment, warehouse, and freight methods, and we manage a team of professionals to take charge of a comprehensive manner.


Why Need Chiller Truck  Rental for Frozen Food?

Our line of freezer agencies is including of freezer truck, fridge truck, chiller van, icebox van forward 1 ton, a cooler truck with tail lift, a refrigerated vehicle with a barrier, chiller van 1 ton, chiller wagon, and multiple other varieties of refrigerated transportation. Avail our chiller truck rental clarifications at the most beneficial possible charges.

Thermo King Chiller Truck Rental Dubai

What Produce Us Prepare for Delivery?

 We manage a huge formation of Refrigerated Vehicles, Freezer vehicle, Chiller Vans and freezer vehicle rental for transmitting Chilled Goods and Frozen Products. We provide virtually any type of Refrigerated Vehicle on Rent in Dubai. From herbs to pharmaceuticals, we move anything and everything that needs temperature-controlled storehouse and transport e.g chiller truck rental.

Refrigerated truck, Freezer Van and Chiller Van Rental in Dubai, UAE

  • Freezer Truck 3.5 Ton –
  • Chiller Truck 3.5 Ton With Tail Lift –
  • Freezer Truck 4.2 Ton With Partition –
  • Chiller Van for rent –
  • Toyota Haice high Roof for rent –
  • 7 ton pickup for rent in dubai –

You Request, We Deliver!

cool freights transport llc

We maintain a huge formation of Chiller Transportation Vehicles implemented with great cooling operations.

Comprehensive Rental Vehicle Classification:

Chiller Vehicles in UAE: We hold the facility to accommodate any range of storehouse space;

  •  Thermo King Chiller Truck 3.5 Ton
  • Thermo King Chiller Truck 4 Ton and 4.2 Ton
  • Mitsubishi Chiller Truck 5 Ton
  • Isuzu Chiller Truck 7 and 10 Ton

Including the above-mentioned truck sizes, we offer customized storage equipment as well for our prestigious clients. We recommend chiller vehicles on regular support to clients who need cold up to +5 C° to +10 C°.

We are glad to deal with the assortment of transport settings in the UAE. According to the customer necessities, we plan to suggest developing transportations with interests in the all-encompassing run. Chiller Vans in UAE: 

  1. TOYOTA HIACE Mid-Roof 1 Ton 
  2. Toyota Hiace Chiller Van for Rent
  3. Thermo King chiller Van rental
  4. 1 Ton Chiller Van Rental
  5. High Roof Chiller Van Rental
  6. Low Roof Chiller Van Rental 
  7. TOYOTA HIACE Hi-Roof 1.5 Ton 
  8. Standard Roof Chiller van Rental

 We recommend chiller trucks on a month to month premise to clients who need temperature up to +5 C° to +10 C°. We additionally give the office to enlist Chiller Van for lease on a day by day/month to month/yearly premise without prior warning. 

Cooler Trucks in UAE: 

We have the office to give any scope of capacity limit; 

  1. Thermo King Freezer Truck 3.5 Ton 
  2. Isuzu  Freezer Truck 4 Ton and 4.2 Ton 
  3. Thermo King Freezer Truck Rental  5 Ton 
  4. Thermo King Freezer Truck 7 and 10 Ton 
  5. Refrigerated Truck 7 and 10 Ton 

We claim well-prepared and Refrigerated Transport Vehicles intended to convey transient merchandise at the necessary temperature. We are working in close coordination with the veteran Food Experts; they are very much aware of the way that the transient things request unique taking care of, capacity and shipment and they productively fill in according to the expressed standards. We hold the ability to engage voluminous prerequisites of the customers as we have a gigantic armada of Temperature Controlled Vehicles harshly oversaw by the veteran experts.